To keep things simple, ShowBuzzMCR have put together a selection of packages for you to choose from. Each of these packages caters for different budgets, different shows and different results. You get to choose how ShowBuzzMCR can help you and which of the packages will best create a buzz about your production.


None of the packages work? You'll also see that every 'pot of honey' has it's own individual price. On top of this, you might want some specific elements bundled together to suit your specific needs. ShowBuzzMCR can create you a Bespoke Buzz - just drop us a line and tell us what you need!


Otherwise, check out what we offer below!



















We can arrange for your production to be filmed and professionally edited, have credits added and be uploaded to a shareable channel and emailed to you as a large file. this individual element is not included in any packages as we appreciate different shows have different lengths and so may require different amounts of work.

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