Formed in 2014, Postcard Theatre is a small, North West based company who aim to bring short bursts of intense theatre performance to Fringe settings. Since forming they have produced 7 shows, working with published plays and pieces of new writing and with playwrights from throughout the UK and America. Having previously toured to Manchester, Preston, Lancaster, York, Durham, Liverpool and Brimingham, they made their first GM Fringe appearance in 2019 with Sadie Hasler's Pramkicker, winning the award for Best Revival and nominated for Best Actor and Best Comedy Play. The production is directed by regular Postcard Theatre director John-Mark Reid and they are delighted to have the cast of Tilly Sutcliffe in the role of Susie and Coral Sinclair in the role of Jude. Both actors graduated from the Academy of Live and Recorded Art and have been developing their careers before coming on board at Postcard Theatre for this project.

Jude has always known she doesn't want kids. Her sister Susie isn't sure if her ovaries are twingeing or if she just needs a wee. One day, in a café full of 'yummy mummies', Jude loses the plot and kicks a pram. Then gets arrested. Then gets sent to anger management. Susie goes along for the ride and uses the opportunity to confess a secret.

Without any spoilers, what is ‘Pramkicker’ about?

Coral: : I feel that it’s kind of about how exhausting it can be to be a woman simply trying to exist in this world, yet saying that, that sounds really heavy. When actually while being that it has really tender moments of sisterhood as well as moments of genuine hilarity. I guess there’s just so much to it, loss, truth, wanting, needing, learning, searching are just a few words that come to mind, yet it really needs the audience to come and see what they take from it most.

How did the collaboration between the three of you come about?

JMR: We had a short break without producing, and when considering how to re-start, Pramkicker was always our first choice. While we always like to stay in touch with the creatives we work with, we often put out open castings to find the best individuals available. I have familiarity with the drama school they trained at and for them both to be available and interested when the castings became live, was a blessing and one we feel extremely fortunate for. Their energy and experimental nature in rehearsal has been marvellous, allowing me to push and dissect the text and wording knowing that the characters themselves were in such wonderfully safe hands.

What reaction do you expect from an audience?

Tilly: I didn’t expect anything from the audience, but in general, I hope for laughter. But I think it affects different audience members in different ways depending on their own life experiences. The text has the potential to bring both laughter and tears.  

Pramkicker is a production by Postcard Theatre.



Kings Arms

Wednesday 18 September, 8.00pm 

Thursday 19 September, 8.00pm

Todmorden Hippodrome 

Saturday 21 September, 1.30pm (followed by QnA)

Saturday 21 September, 8.00pm


Production Information:

Directed by John-Mark Reid

Written by Sadie Hasler

Ages 14+


Describe the piece in 3 words.

JMR: Relentless, Impassioned, Genuine. Coral: ‘Owning your truth’ Tilly: Honest, Brave, Cunt

Why did you choose this piece and why are you bringing it back?

John-Mark Reid: Choosing the piece was a no brainer. Even when reading, it is relentless, it has pace and with that you can’t help but attach to these two women as they explore the ever changing dynamic of their relationship and their place in the world. It truly is a delightful text to work on and the chance to engage with it a second time, is a real blessing, especially with the energy our actresses bring to the rehearsals. It felt as a company our relationship with the play was unfinished, it wasn’t time to say goodbye.

Why should people come and watch ‘Pramkicker’ and why is the piece important?

Coral: People should see this for an absolute roller-coaster of an hour. I hope people can leave with the ability to be a little more honest with themselves about where they’re at, whilst also losing the feeling to need to keep up appearances. Society may expect certain life choices, which are fine, for the right people. This piece can be an ally for those women who don’t slot into that social norm.

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Sadie Hasler's script was originally produced by Postcard Theatre for a short tour in July 2019, receiving a fantastic response including a 5 Star Review from North West End and an award for Best Revival from the GM Fringe Awards. This success has led to a revival tour this September 2019.

What have you found challenging about bringing the script to life?

Tilly: I found the multi-rolling challenging. To have to bring so many characters to life and find all their own individual nuances, required a lot of imagination. And also confidence to make those bold choices.

JMR: What a question. This is something we have explored as a collective many times in rehearsal. I suppose really, we have no idea, other than to expect a reaction. It’s quick paced and honest, and confronts the audience by expressing the type of things most people filter out before speaking. So I guess I don’t know how people will react, but I’m sure they will.